Belle Noir Beauty Balayage wigs are dyed in our factory to ensure the colours are vibrant and the hair is beautifully soft.

A Balayage Unit is what you have been waiting for!

BNB is excited to introduce these incredible Balayage Lace Front Units.

All BNB Balayage Wig Units have incredibly natural appearance.

The ideal solution for anyone who wants a beautifully naturally realistic coloured unit. 

BNB specialises in balayage is a hand-painting technique, this hair artistry comes into play and allows for many variations and beautiful color compositions for a shimmering, dimensional result.

Lace Front Wig Units  have sheer  lace at the hairline.

These impressive wigs are constructed with a lace front, with individual strands of hair expertly  woven into the lace. 

 All BNB Balayage Units are available in  full lace wig on request.