So you want long lasting, luxurious hair extensions without a fuss?

No Problem Belle Noir Beauty has got  you covered.

Belle Noir Beauty Micro loop human hair extensions are easy to apply, without heat or glue.

The hair is attached to the micro ring already in place, all you need is the pliers to press them on.

Using the finest quality, 100% human hair, the BNB micro loop ring extensions are just like your own hair, but better.

Cut them, curl them, straighten them, and style them just as you would your natural locks, but benefit from the added length.

Whether you opt for beautiful black or brilliant brunette, bombshell blonde or radiant red, a vibrant shade or ombre shade, it’s time to shake up your hairstyle. 

Best of all, when you’re adding length, you’re also adding volume. Get the body boost you’ve been looking for without the need for heat or glue, thanks to Belle Noir Beauty Micro Nano hair extensions.