Belle Noir Beauty Colour Chart

Belle Noir  beauty is  home to the custom coloured extensions. At Belle Noir Beauty you can have your extension any custom dyed and curled by our trusted supplier who will recreate a fabulous new look especially for you.

All Belle Noir Beauty 10a hair extensions and lace closures and frontals  are made from 100 per cent real human hair, making each piece unique and much sought after. Most importantly, the cuticle layers remain intact, making our custom hair  the best quality  on the market.

Belle Noir Beauty hir products are made exclusively from virgin hair. This means your custom  hair will consist of hair that has never been permed, coloured, dyed or bleached unless requested.

You can also choose from our extensive range of 100% 10a grade hair like BrazilianEuropean and Peruvian hair, which is available in their natural colours ranging from blonde to black.

With our custom hair extensions, you are in control. You can decide what style   you want and what colours to use. The best part about BNB hair is that you can treat them as if they were your existing hair. This allows you to blow dry it, straighten it and wash it as usual.

       BNB Curl Pattern Chart

 Belle Noir  Beauty provides a bespoke hair extensions experience and will you choose the perfect hair extensions in order to create the most beautifully coloured soft, long lasting stylish beauty of your choice. So, if you are looking for top quality custom hair extensions.

Look no further call Belle Noir today on 0208 985 8403.