At Belle Noir Beauty we are hooked in to quality, and our Grade 10A Invisible Tape In Extensions can last up to 12-18 months with the right maintenance and care.

Belle Noir Beauty top-quality human hair will seamlessly and quickly add length, volume or highlights to your natural hair.

Belle Noir Beauty Invisible Tab 10a Hair Extensions are absolutely undetectable and will not draw the attention.

No-one will ever know yo are wearing Belle Noir Beauty 10A Tape In Extensions unless you tell them!

Tape-in Hair Facts:

  • 10A Grade hair
  • Double Drawn
  • Gorgeously coloured to seamless blend with most hair types
  • Quick and easy application
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • No Clips
  • No Combs.

Fingers are all you need.The results? Head-turning, seamless tresses that can be completely customised with a cut, colour and styling tools.

The tape bond is carefully designed to help minimise damage and keep hair in good condition when applied. They are supplied as double drawn extensions in 40 piece packs.

For a standard fitting, you’ll want to order two or three packs.

For voluminous hair styles, Belle Nor Beauty recommend ordering three-four packs of Tape In Hair Extensions.

So convenient! Tape Hair Extensions can also be fitted in under an hour with no tools needed, making this a extremely popular method.

Tape In Hair Extensions are an excellent alternative to dying and following fashion hair trends. Great for instant make overs , due to its comfort, speed and cleanliness in the application.

Tape In Hair Extensions are strands of hair sandwiched between thin adhesive strips on both sides. Just remove the protective paper from the strip and adhere the extension to your hair.

Try any colour you fancy! As the hair blends with yours, no one will notice that you are wearing them.

But do you already know how to apply tape in hair extensions correctly?

You can place them yourself since they are extremely easy to install. There is no need for training and they do not require special heat tools, so they can be ap

plied at home without the assistance of a stylist.

How To Install Tape In Hair Extensions

1. Make a parting to apply tape in hair extensions

Place the first parting approximately an inch from the nape of your neck, use your tail comb to make a horizontal part. straight This is your guide as you will apply the tape in hair extensions close to the parting line . This way, your upper hair will hide the adhesive strips.

2. Secure and section away the top hair for apply tape in hair extensions

You can use whatever you have to hand to secure all the hair above the part line. Just make sure it’s completely out of your way. You do not want any hair falling down and getting in the way while you’re placing your extensions. Also this will make for a messy installation.

3. Remove a thin section of your hair

The technic to a great install is the hair sandwich. You'll need a thin strand of your hair below your part line between top and bottom extensions. The strand of hair you’re sandwiching needs to be extremely thin. This is to enable to adhesive tape on both extensions to adhere together through the hair. Using a very thin strand of hair from below your part line, no longer than the length of one Tape In Hair Extension.

4. Measure the length of the section before you apply tape in hair extensions

Before attaching the extension, check the length of your hair section. This way, you can roughly determine how many pieces of the tape in hair extension you’ll need to add along that parting section of hair. Do this for every section.

5. Attaching the bottom Tape In Hair Extensions under the thin section. Take your section of hair and raise it up a slightly. Gently remove the protective strip covering the adhesive on the bottom extension. Firmly press on the bottom extension into place underneath the thin strand of hair you’re lifting. 6. Position the top tape in hair extensions Section a small section of hair from on top of the Tape In Hair Extension. Remove the adhesive tape covering that Tape In Hair Extension, press on top of your strand of hair. The top and bottom extension should stick together. Gently but firmly press them together with your fingers for a few seconds to fully secure them. 8. Brush your Tape In Hair Extensions regularly To keep your hair looking soft , fresh , natural and tangle free, brush your hair at least twice a day. Installation Tips

  • If the extensions are not adhering, you may have used too much hair in your section strands. Gently brush some hair off the bottom extension and reattach.
  • If you add extensions on the sides of your head. its good practice to leave 1 inch (2.5 cm) of hair out horizontally, closest to the ear, and then continue applying the extensions.
  • If you have a thin hairline, leave about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of hair out across the entire front of your hairline before adding extensions. This will ensure that your hair has enough density to cover the tape-ins without making them noticeable.
  • But most importantly. Remember, a good hair care routine may take extra time when you’re wearing Hair Extensions. However, this will lengthen the lustre and longevity of your hair extensions.

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