Cleaning and Removing Your Lace Unit

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Sure enough, lace unit look great when you’re wearing them. But some time or another you’re going to have to wash your unit whether you choose to continue wearing it or opt remove and clean your Lace Unit.

A good  cleaning routine  can preserve its lustre  and lengthen its life, and we all want our lace fronts to look great for as long as possible, don’t we?


So here are some tips and techniques for removing and cleaning your lace front wig.

Read or watch them carefully, understanding the basic technique.

Make sure to gather the needed supplies before starting.

These tips have helped many a lace front have a long life, so the same thing would apply to your own lace unit:

• To remove your Lace Unit .

Firstly, it's also important to purchase the remover that your  adhesive may recommend. Where possible purchase the solvent with the adhesive as it was designed to remove that adhesive specifically. 


If there’s are unobtainable alternatively you could use  99% Alcohol  Or Anti bacterial Hand Gel.


The main component is Alcohol in Anti Bacterial 

• Prior to a shampoo, remove the tape and as much residue from your unit’s lace.

Dab 99% alcohol or Adhesive Remover at the hairline.

Wait a moment or two.

Slowly peel back the lace.

Don't force it. If it doesn't easily lift, then it's not ready.

Apply more product.

If you try to lift it before it's ready, this could cause severe breakage, and possible damage to the follicle.

Apply Adhesive Release or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol everywhere that is necessary for a smooth removal.

Work your way through the lace. Within a minute or two the adhesive should feel the lift , and then you can release it.

Washing Your Unit

• Be especially careful at the hairline.
• Take time to ensure you remove all traces of adhesive.

• If you don’t use an alcohol-based adhesive release, flush the lace with alcohol after soaking. This will eliminate any oily residue from the release solution, because without a clean surface, the tape won’t stick when you reapply the unit.

• When shampooing, Apply to the lace where the remover was on the inside the unit.  Allow the lather to wash through the unit.  Rinse with cold water  in the direction of the hair toward the ends. Use a rinse sprayer, such as you might have in your shower or kitchen sink.

Apply conditioner to the hair not the lace. Starting at the ends and working upwards to approximately 1 inch above the knots. Work the conditioner  to the ends of the hair until you’ve covered the entire unit.

And rinse and Air dry.



Avoid  wetting and combing the foundation of the wig or the knots, which can cause unnecessary tension resulting in structural damage and loss of hair strands. 


• Allow the shampoo to sit up to 60 seconds and rinse completely. When all of the shampoo is removed, blot excess water from the hair with a soft towel.

While it’s still wet, if possible place on your  wig on your mannequin head to Air dry.

Make certain the hairline is the width of four fingers from your eyebrows, and that the temples are three fingers from the corners of your eyes.

When completely dry  style  the unit, starting at the ends and working toward the lace. Comb and style as usual, it is less damage to style the the hair while it is dry..

•When your unit is not in use. To maintain its shape, keep the hair system pinned to a canvasser Styrofoam wig head/ block when not in use.

The are many widely available, ensure to get the correct size. 

Please note!. If the block is too small or too large it can cause the lace foundation Causing it to stretch or possibly tear.


• Gently comb back the hairline while the unit is damp and tie down.
This will make the unit easier to style the hair back away from your hair line.

• Lightly wipe the base of the wig from the with Alcohol. It will draw water from the knots, an important factor in the longevity of your hair unit.

  And we all know, when your lace front looks amazing, you look amazing. Isn’t that what everyone wants?



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