What is the Difference? Ombre vs. Balayage

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Ombre vs. Balayage: What is the Difference?

The trending hair trends currently are ombre and balayage, and from first glance, they may look fairly similar .

The similarities, they both provide a gradual transition of dark to light hair.

They add dimension and aesthetics and they look phenomenally natural  on any length and style of hair.

But what exactly are the differences between the two.

What is balayage?

If you want to have a beach babe look, sun-kissed look for your hair, you’re probably imagining someone with a balayage hairstyle. In French, “balayage” literally means ‘to sweep,” and this technique focuses on how the color is applied to your hair. 

The lighter coloring is most prominent at the ends of your unit , which is perfect for an easy yet naturally sexy look.


What is ombre?

Ombre Wig Units more intentionally gradual than balayage hair colouring. In French, “ombre” means “shadow” or “shade.”

The ombre style can include any color combination, with the darker color on the top of your head fading to a lighter color toward the tips of your hair. Traditionally, you’ll have a brunette color that fades to a blonde, but if you are feeling feisty, you can have your brown locks transition into blue or pink colour.


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