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What Is 10A Grade Hair

Lets be honest!

There are a lot of hair fans who often buy hair extensions online based on the imagery. Never are you online without an advertisement or pop-up for beautiful hair extensions via  websites you have NEVER heard off. 

Never stopping the question the quality or origin of the hair your buying can only lead to upset and wasted money. 

Not many people know the real deal in the hair they are purchasing.

You select what you like and buy it without knowing the the smallest detail not even hair grade.

What Are The Best Hair Extensions? Is it possible to compare Grade 5A To  10A.

Is it even really possible?

Well in a nut shell..Technically NO!

Nobody markets “5A Hair” anymore. Everything appears  to be “6A” and above.

Depending on what you require then all theses grades are fine. As a general rule the lower the grade the less strand of the same length there will be for example.

Grade 5A-Grade 8A

This fine for a affordable transformations. The lower the grade the shorter the longevity of the hair performance. This is due to the wefts  construction the low grade hair will hair a higher amount of hair which is NOT the same length. This will show in the hair performance as it will thicken and become difficult to manage hence tangling and shedding form knotting.  

Grade 8A and above..

Hair at this standard should with good maintenance should perform to your expectations. The amount of  longer stands will be higher resulting in higher performing haitr, less shredding less tangling even dryness is a factor to be considered when selecting your hair.

Do some research, before parting with your cash as all suppliers are different!!!!

5A grade hair is good for a styles you change regularly like a weave but perhaps not a wig as this would want this unit to last.

Belle Noir Beauty specialises in premium quality 10a hair. All BNB hair is available in a array of colours that perfectly matches your hair needs.

Belle Noir Beauty hair extensions are 10A grade  high quality hair , thick from top to bottom, soft, and shed & tangle free. Belle Noir Beauty products are made according to strict standards. The weight is guaranteed to be the advertised weight and quality . Belle Noir Beauty hair extension have a natural thickness that can be safely heated and coloured which can make you achieve any beautiful look. 

Belle Noir Beauty  10A Hair is the best quality currently available in the UK.

What you should know about Belle Noir Beauty 10a Grade Hair 

1.The hair is 100% Human Hair
2.Double Stitch Wefts
3.Hair is “Remy” with cuticles facing the same direction
4.Brazilian Hair can be coloured up to a #613 Barbie Blonde
5.Double drawn not thin at the tips
6.All bundles are 100 grams ( as standard)

 One of the most frequency asked questions is...

Can you colour Belle Noir Beauty  hair?

Of course you can, however Belle Noir Beauty recommend that you only use an experienced Colourist alternatively opt for a custom colour Belle Noir Beauty has an extensive selection of colours at your request. The best quality virgin hair will lift all the way to a #613 Blonde. 

In order to remain ahead of our competitors Belle Noir Beauty focuses on selling the 10A Grade hair extensions ...

To date there is no better quality hair than the Belle Noir Beauty 10A hair of today. 

Just remember there have not been any significant advancements in hair wefting, shackling, or manufacturing of human hair extensions for some time.

Belle Noir Beauty works with a responsible wholesale hair factory who serve more than millions of clients per year.


 Are you ready to take it up a notch?




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