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What are 360 FRONTALS?

In a word the most exciting innovation in hair extensions for some time!

A 360 lace frontals are constructed of sheer lace headband that covers the circumference of your head offering full 360 hair overage.. 

This forms a full base, that can be styled in any direction. With full hair cover around the perimeter. The area in between is then covered in the usual way using weft as you would when constructing a wig or wearing a weave , this allows for total styling freedom and movement.

Once installed  this method is flawless and smooth finish all the way round.

Lace Frontals

All BNB 360 frontals are constructed with a sturdy adjustable trap in the back. You an secure your 360 via the hook at the back for a snuggle fit for your personal head size.

The styling options include:

•    High pony tails & up-dos.
•    Give you a realistic hairline
•    two bundles of hair to make a 360 lace wigs depending on length
•    360 frontal closure allows you to style your hair all around rather than just the front.
•    It is easy to install and doesn’t require sewing.

Once the ties are secured the 360 unit does not require usage of any glue or tape to hold it in place.

Belle Noir Beauty 10a grade hair extensions are available in wide section of colours and textures on request this provides you with endless styling options.


LENGTH: It comes in many lengths 12’’, 14’’, 16’’, 18’’, 20’’.

PARTING STYLE: It can be parted in three ways free part, middle part & three part.

TEXTURE: Brazilian, Peruvian, Brazilian Afro kinky straight.

DENSITY: 130 % density.

QUALITY: 100% unprocessed virgin Human hair, natural & healthy, no shedding and tangle free, no splits, smooth & thick bottom.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP: The 360 band frontal closure has adjustable strap so it can fit different head sizes.

DURABILITY: It can last anywhere between one year  to eighteen month. If given proper care it can last even longer.



Like the 360 a Lace frontal closure are also constructed using sheer lace panel. However, the difference being the Lace frontal  panel is approximately 13inx4in the length to cover one ear to the other. Basically,  the front hairline including  side burns. Lace frontal closure acts as the hairline & gives an illusion of natural hairline which also includes having baby hairs.

This can either be attached to the front of the wig unit or worn as part of a weave.



The most common and popular use of  a  lace frontals  is to relieve tension on thinning edges. The product of many a tight weave but that is another post.

Belle Noir Beauty Lace frontal closure will enable you to have total coverage from ear to ear o your have totola hair styling freedom in the front portion.

The result : a very natural looking hairstyle.

•    It can be styled in different ways in the front.
•    It gives a seamless finish, as it covers the entire front hair line.
•    It is easy to install and wear.
•    It relieves tension pulling from the horseshoe area in the front of the hairline.
•    Generally 2-3 bundles are required but this is also dependant on the length of the hair.


PRICE: It is depended on length and texture required.

PARTING STYLE: Belle Noir Beauty Lace frontal are all 130 density . There are available in free parted, middle parted or three part.

TEXTURE: Brazilian, Peruvian and Brazilian Afro kinky straight.

QUALITY: Soft, tangle free, no to minimal shedding, no chemical processing, lightly bleached knots, light lace.

VERSATILITY: It can only be parted in the front area of the head.(from ear to ear)

VOLUME: Best wig for volume since the wefts at the back of lace front gives the wig more hair however this has limited styling options.

DURABILITY: Given proper care these wigs can last up over a year depending on how regularly it is worn and maintenance..



BELLE NOIR BEAUTY has a huge range and variety of both 360 frontal closure and lace frontal closure. All BNB hair products are made of finest quality wefts i.e. 10A grade.

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