Wigs versus Weaves..which do you choose?

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Oh decision, decisions!

Which installation and how to choose?

It depends on your lifestyle...

Belle Noir Beauty blog was created to answer some of your questions and fears but quite simply there's so much to elaborate on. If your thinking of purchasing your first custom-made wig or investing in some bundles.

Then this blog is going to be especially helpful for you.

If your like me, the type of girl who finds it difficult to deal with your hair on a daily basis , then look no further.

Belle Noir Beauty has a wide variety of Wigs for sale, in colours and curls to suit all styles.

Whether you want to lock your natural hair away, opt for a protective style to give your hair a break, looking for something to instantly revamp your style , perhaps a deluxe look for a special occasion like a summer wedding or a prom/graduation. 

Should I get a wig or get bundles for a sew-in?

This is the 64 million dollar question.

The easiest way to think about it is like this, when you wear a luxury wig unit you are not committed to that style and can opt to change it as regularly in an instant whenever you desire however with a sew-in, your style can not change unless you schedule an appointment , remove and re-install you are commitment to that style for anything between 30-45 days.

If you like to change colours, styles, lengths, and textures then investing in a Belle Noir Beauty luxury wig could be great for you, it will revolutionise the way you look at your personal styling on a daily basis.

Don't t get it twisted you can actually change colours, styles , textures, and lengths with a sew-in too.

That is why the  first thing to ask yourself before you get a sew in...... is to make sure that you choose a style that your happy to wear for a longer period of time.

Wanna Talk About Hair Weaving First:

Pros Of Wearing A Weave?

A weave can add volume or length to hair this can be done by adding of a few tracks, or the whole head can be braided (what we call weaving or cornrows) for a full head weave. With a full head weave, the braids are sewn down ( I prefer to crochet mine!) or covered with a net but this once again personal choice. The hair extensions are then sewn to the braids. Granted, if your fortunate to  have the minutes or even hours available to flat iron, curl, and style your weave you can get a LOT of different looks out of them.

Cons Of Wearing A Weave?

Three things that can dramatically ruin your natural hair and your weave experience:

  1. Poor application (like when you now the braiding hair too tight and you say NOTHING!) this can so easily lead to hair loss due to tension pulling!
  2. Wearing a weave constantly can be quite costly to re-install, tighten and maintain
  3. Using low quality inferior hair, this is prone to tangle at the ends and split (which you've seen when the ponytail will not no longer lay down and sticks out) , they also shed, and look very unnatural.

However, Others Do not rate wigs

Some say that they prefer wigs but now prefer the security of a weave, its all about personal choice.

I LOVE WIGS .. I'm not alone. There are now many women who  proudly wear there wig units, curly wigs , straight wigs and wig with bangs, there are endless styles to choose..

Its a instant makeover , that has to be numbero uno. You can change your style in a minute , no need for cutting your hair or growing it out. 

Reasons Why:

The option of  Infinite style options and looks; Wigs give you far more style versatility. 


 If you have a popular style which you wear as a weave. Why not, by that style in a wig. Then you can wash and style your wig as desired. If cared for according to the manufacturers directions, they last a really long time, even the low-quality ones CAN last a while. But first and foremost weaves can be  terribly itchy .Patting your weave, not a good look.   

WIGS: Drawbacks

If you choose not to secure your unit by using one of the many popular adhesives on the the market then you will have to   re-install daily; but it may only be 20 mins.

It’s not as secure unless glued  or possible sewn on. Yes you heard me! This is a popular option for those going on holiday.

Wigs are great for style versatility if like me your on limited time, and you like to switch up your look regularly. Plus, they’re great if you workout a lot.

Wigs can be purchased quite inexpensively from of many high street retailers. Belle Noir Beauty wigs can be easily blended so they are undetected with your own hair . If your hair is a variety of colours Belle Noir Beauty will help you find the colours that perfectly matches your hair via a custom made unit .

Also wigs allow you to maintain your natural hair because you can chose to take them on and off at any time.

Wigs are definitely the best option  if your considering a seasonal hair change, long-term protective styling, giving natural hair a break from the heat and tensions.

Whatever you wear its is equally important to maintain your natural hair underneath. But that is another post completely!

Take care

Belle Noir 



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